The ascent of the Valle del Bove: from Serracozzo’s cave to the desert near the base of the summit craters. Unforgettable experience during eruptions for the excellent view over the lava flows

Full day. Meeting time: 08.30 am. Ending time: 06.00 pm

Difficulty: Medium.   Medium technical.   Actual trekking time: 5/6 h (< di 15 km) Medium/high total altitude difference

Meeting point:  Milo o Zafferana Su richiesta anche da Nicolosi

Suitable for adventurous excursiunists

Price: from 39,00 € per person (*) 39 euros per person is meant for a group of 5 or more participants. We’ll do our best to combine individual requests into groups in order to ensure you the cheapest possible fare. When not possible due to lack of other requests on the chosen date, please, refer to the following table:

2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5+
55 Euro a persona 49 Euro a persona 44 Euro a persona 39 Euro a persona

Private tour:  If you want a guide just for you, customize your timing, your trail…your adventure! Chose the private version of the tour: 199 Euro max 4 guests

The tour include:

  • Accompaniment by a geologist specialized in guided hiking in the area;
  • packed lunch including water and energy drinks;
  • helmets and flash lights and other common materials.

Possibilità di fornire gratuitamente materiale da trekking personale (solo su richiesta preventiva)

The tour NOT include: Any transport cost to get to our meeting point or any other transfer service. we organize private transfers from Catania and the suburbs and the meeting point in collaboration with a trusted shuttle service. The shuttle service is NOT included in the quote and depend on the number of participants.

The “Valle del Bove” with the view of the summit craters of Etna represents one of the most impressive views Sicily can offer, especially in case of eruption. In this path, which is sure to be very exciting and full of satisfaction, we can climb the northern edge of the “Valle del Bove” to reach the pure lava desert and then into a breathtaking descent, sliding on volcanic ash toward ancient lateral craters. The most beautiful landscapes in a unique excursion…the perfect one!

 Programma dettagliato

Meet the guides at Milo or Zafferana’s village at 8.30 am where lunch, drink and equipment will be provided for safe exploration of the lava slopes and climbs on the crest of the Bove Valley.

With the car we will reach in about 25 minutes the starting path near the Citelli Rifugio. The car will no longer be necessary, the whole experience takes place in nature. The return is scheduled for around 5:30 pm.

The walking route starts from the north-east and continues along the charming birch forest covering the ridge. This side of the volcano is very characteristic and unspoiled. little more than an hour, going through lava fields and deceitful brook, you reach a particular cave: a fascinating lava tunnel that is worth a brief visit, especially for the flashing lights that come from the openings in the ceiling. Leaving the cave the walk continues up the path for another hour and whilst watching the evolution of the landscape that slowly becomes desertic, you gain the sill of Bove Valley under the arduous climb that leads to Deneri’s peak.

The birches are dwarf and the only plants that you see are those typical of the Etna that have adapted to this hostile environment. After a short break to enjoy the unique spectacle of the Valle del Bove, you will reach where the pure volcanic desert begins at an altitude of 2300m. You’ll have lunch enjoying the Valle del Bove and finally come to an understanding of the evolution of this volcano and why it is considered an outdoor geological laboratory. During the tour the guide will propose introductions in volcanology according to his personal research carried out on behalf of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology that will accompany you in the discovery of this unique and spectacular environment.

The next climb is about 600 meters on a sandy terrain. After this difficult afternoon challenge you finally reach the top edge of the valley, Deneri’s peak. You will take the narrow road to the volcanological observatory and once crossed the pass you will arrive in the long black stretch beneath the crater of NE that brings you on a desertic black moon, so magnificent and terrible. You now on the top of Valle del Bove and based on the conditions and risks evaluated by the guide, you will stop near the plateau below the summit craters, the vertical limit allowed for the hike. From this height you can admire the great New Southeast Crater, the most active of Etna. From the same point, by just turning your head, you can see the crater of north east, the highest of Etna and the highest point of the whole southern Italy. From this height you can admire all of eastern Sicily and, with a bit of luck, even the Eolie islands and Calabria.

Departed from the Black Desert the descend will begin: specifically you will reach the valley’s border, going forward until the intersection with a sandy ridge. The scenic impact of the descend is great but the soft and sandy nature of the ground ensures a quick and secure descent, just like going down a snowy mountain. Walking through the ridge you will arrive at the base of Monte Frumento, the largest side crater of Etna. From there the fracture caused by an eruption in 1928 will bring everyone to the refuge.

The travel back to the city is scheduled around 6:00 pm.