Etna and beyond the infinite: a starry night on the volcano

The unique experience of the sunset on the lava desert, the magic of getting lost in the deep space between stars and planets.

Excursion: Evening & Night.  Meeting time: 4.00 PM.   Ending time: 01.00 AM

Difficulty: Medium. Rather Technical. Actual trekking time: 3 h (>12 km) Total Altitude Drop: < 300 mMeeting Point: Nicolosi

Suitable for All.

Price: da 49,00 € a persona (*) 59 euros per person is meant for a group of 5 or more participants. We’ll do our best to combine individual requests into groups in order to ensure you the cheapest possible fare. When not possible due to lack of other requests on the chosen date, please, refer to the following table:

2 persone 3 persone 4 persone 5+ persone
64 Euro a persona 59 Euro a persona 55 Euro a persona 49 Euro a persona                       

Periodo: From April to October

The excursion includes:

  • Accompagnamento escursionistico guidato da parte di un geologo – guida Gae per tutto il percorso
  • Assistenza da parte di un tecnico esperto nella parte di osservazione astronomica
  • Noleggio condiviso dell’attrezzatura per l’osservazione (Telescopio rifrattore)
  • Cena in modalità da concordare
  • Materiale tecnico comune: caschi, torce, bastoncini e altro se servisse.

Possibilità di fornire gratuitamente materiale da trekking (solo su richiesta preventiva)

The tour NOT include: Any transport cost to get to our meeting point or any other transfer service. we organize private transfers from Catania and the suburbs and the meeting point in collaboration with a trusted shuttle service. The shuttle service is NOT included in the quote and depend on the number of participants.

A special excursion that combines the magnetic charm of the volcano with the great mystery of the universe. The characteristic Etna landscape is colored by the warm tones of the sun that dies beyond the horizon and projects the traveler into a surreal, alien world. The sounds and the smells of the night in the forest take him in a unique and intense sensorial experience that is a prelude to a journey to discover the celestial vault.



Meeting with the guides at the village of Nicolosi. Here you will be provided with the necessary material for the night excursion. By car, in about 30 minutes, you reach the gate of the trail: Piano Fiera, access point of the paths of the West of the Etna Park, the most remote and wild. The trekking route starts at an altitude of 1550m.

The first part of the trail climbs gently northwards, crossing the pine forest of Monte Nespole. The forest suddenly leaves space to the lava field of 1974, a lava flow of AA type of modest size that lies on the slope to the west. The guides tell the salient features of the eruption by explaining the eruptive dynamics and the geological-naturalistic characteristics of the area.

 At this point the trail gains its inclination and climbs over the pyroclastic cone of Monte De Fiore I, a panoramic point of rare beauty on the west side and on the summit area. From here we wait for the sunset, a spectacle of rare beauty from one of the best observation points of the whole Etna area.

After sunset, we set off towards Piano Fiera, a simple and relaxing trek lit by twilight lights, an ideal moment for sighting the timid local fauna

 At the arrival at Piano Fiera you can enjoy a typical Sicilian corroborating dinner waiting for the ideal lighting conditions for the observation of the celestial vault. At this point our Technical astronomer, with the help of a Dobsonian telescope, accompanies the hiker in a “trekking among the stars” to discover the celestial bodies that participate in the great waltz of space.