Catania Guided Tour: The most original trip in Catania! Half Day, All tickets included!

Half day Tour.  Meeting time: 09.00 am.   Ending time: 01.00 pm

Difficulty: Easy.  Not technical. Actual trekking time: 1 h (< 3 km) 0 total altitude difference

Meeting point: Catania City Centre

Suitable for All.

Price: da 39,00 € a persona (*) 39 euros per person is meant for a group of 5 or more participants. We’ll do our best to combine individual requests into groups in order to ensure you the cheapest possible fare. When not possible due to lack of other requests on the chosen date, please, refer to the following table:

2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons                                    6+
 65 Euro per person 55 Euro per person 49 Euro per person 44 Euro a persona                       39 Euro a persona

The tour includes the tickets for the sites

Period: All the Year

The tour includes:

  • accompagnamento da parte di una Guida Turistica locale, abilitata e specializzata;
  • Ticket  d’ingresso in TUTTI  i siti di interesse previsti dall’itinerario;
  • tipico drink rinfrescante catanese.

Possibilità di fornire gratuitamente materiale da trekking personale (solo su richiesta preventiva)

The tour does NOT includes: any transport cost to reach the meeting point, Private transfers, souvenirs

Sicily Wild trekking guides you to discover the Authentic Catania, the city that rises from its ashes like the Arabian Phoenix, offering a walk through the history of the “Urbs Clarissima”. A journey through time, from its Greek origins to the bustling modern city with that unique and exotic appeal 


Meet up with the authorized turistic guide at Porta Uzeta next to Duomo Square at 9.30, from where we can directly enter in Piazza: The Old “Platea Magna”. Here, in the hearth of the city, still flows underground the Amenano river which crosses it since it was first built.

We will explore the dark belly of the city built with lava, reliving the beauty of the Achillian’s hot springs. One of the rooms of this roman thermal building still lies beneath the baroque cathedral. We will then proceed through the cheerful and “noisy” fish market, still to this day a symbol of one of the most lively cities of the mediterranean area.

We will then visit the Greek-Roman Theater, which will be an unexpected surprise. Hidden by the urban layer of the new Catania is one of the most elegant theaters of ancient Sicily. Built in lava stone and limestone, the Ancient Theater of Catania exhibits a unique chromatic beauty. After a glance at Via Crociferi, where the baroque exuberance explodes in an unmatched view, we will proceed towards Piazza Federico di Svevia for an unmissable and refreshing stop at the “Chiosco” here you will be offered a typical granita or a “Catania’s Seltz”, a moment that cannot be missed in every real catanese day!!

We will then go to the Ursino Castle, built by Federico II, that dominates the square and, like a picture frozen in time, the medieval fortress is surrounded by the lava front of 1669.

Our urban trekking of Catania will end in Piazza dell’Elefantino from where we will enter the Duomo of Catania to admire its architectural wonders and the charm of Saint Agata that has protected the city and its devout citizens for centuries.