Etna & Sicily Wild Trekking is an association that merges different types of highly qualified guides in the various areas of hiking and tourism in Sicily.

Any member of our staff, in addition to being guides by profession, have degrees or doctorates in the main areas of scientific or humanistic disclosure (Geology, History, Archeology, etc..) and together decided to dedicate their great passion to tourist excursionism, environmental education and archaeological exploration, with the common goal of creating a complete experience of discovery, awarness and pure adventure on Etna and throughout Sicily.

The Etna & Sicily Wild Trekking proposal rises from our desire to share the love we feel for the itineraries we offer. Therefore we want to accompany you in authentic experiences: no “Smog”, no souvenir shops, no confusion; just a voyage to explore, in a conscious and sustainable way, the wonders of Etna, Pantalica, Catania Antica and much more! This is our concept of “Wild”. A true experience of discovery and adventure among the treasures of the most endearing island in the world.

Sicily Wild Trekking join the initiatives of Ecotourism – GreenTravel and Responsible Tourism In the beautiful Sicilian Land 

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